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Steve Spurrier: I think our Commissioner is happy Lane Kiffin left

Posted on April 13, 2010

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Steve Spurrier with some interesting comments regarding Lane Kiffin on the Dan Patrick Show...

DP: Are you going to miss Lane Kiffin?

SS: I think our commissioner is happy he's left. No, he didn't bother me. But we didn't play very well when we played Tennessee and we ended up with the same record they did last year but anyway. I tell you what, he'll do well at Southern Cal. They got too many good players and that's a pretty good situation so we'll see how it all plays out.

DP: But do you think that kind of personality is good for college football when a coach comes in and says, "Hey, I'm in town. Deal with me."

SS: Oh, you know, just talking a little bit is probably not that big a deal. Now if you fudge on the rules a little bit. I'm not saying he broke rules. I'm saying there were some things that happened that I guess got in that gray area. As long as he was within the rules and just talking a little bit. It can either come back and bite you or you can live up to it so that part doesn't faze me one way or the other.

DP: The rules are there in black and white but there is gray area though isn't there, Steve? That you can...

SS: Yeah, there is a lot of gray areas and one of those things is that secondary violation. And I really think they ought to add'em up. If you get five secondaries, you're suspended a month from recruiting or something like that. But the NCAA just says, "Don't do that again," if you get a secondary violation. Anyway, I think they ought to add up and you ought to have a total. Have a little total sheet on your name if you commit a whole bunch of them, maybe sit out a year of coaching. That would get people's attention.

DP: Would you think problems that someone has at one school could carry over to that coach if he does leave a school?

SS: Well it should but history says the NCAA doesn't do that. They penalize the school when a coach leaves if he's broken a bunch of rules, sometimes he's sort of barred from doing things but I noticed, well, I don't know if the former Southern Cal basketball coach who was involved in that Mayo incident. You know, he's back coaching again. So maybe there's a lot of forgiveness out there. Who knows?

DP: But you've been around this so long. You've heard so much, seen so much. How frustrating is it that guys can take shortcuts where you're doing it by the book?

SS: Oh I think you just gotta look in the mirror all the time and do what you do naturally. We don't worry about it that much and really I don't think it has all that much to do with who wins and loses. And I really don't think it has that much to do in recruiting. We got a kid coming this year, Marcus Lattimore, and other schools promised him the first carry of the season. They promised him his jersey, this, that, and the other. They asked what South Carolina promised him, he said, "Just an opportunity to play." So I think some kids might like all that little glamor and extra stuff but the real athletes, competitors, they're just looking for an opportunity to compete.

Lane Kiffin received plenty of press at Tennessee in his one year as head coach for his secondary violations: six in all. While that seems high, Georgia actually had just as many during the same span of time.

Spurrier is a man who historically is not afraid to call out other coaches for their recruiting transgressions. For example, you may remember his elevator confrontation with Kiffin before last season even began.

You can listen to the Spurrier interview from the Patrick radio show here.

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