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Kris Humphries Recalls Rough Times in Utah

Posted on May 20, 2010

Kris Humphries came into the NBA as an introverted 19 year old... 6 years and 4 teams later, he now has at least a couple good stories to tell beginning with his time in Salt Lake City, as told to Paul Allen 1130 AM in Minneapolis:

"It's been tough. I wouldn't say I'm happy with where I'm at. I came in the league in Utah in a tough situation. They had just maxed out (Andrei) Kirilenko and (Carlos) Boozer came in for 70 million and (Mehmet) Okur came in with a 50 million dollar contract. So I was just kind of out of the loop. I was 19 years old too.

Between all that and then having Jerry. Jerry Sloan being a tough guy to play for. It was a really tough situation but I did take some things from it. They expect you to guard your guy one on one. There's a lot of different concepts that they use. I think I learned a lot there."

He forgot to mention how tough it must have been to be in a locker room where Greg Ostertag was considered the team leader.

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Another good story comes from his time in Dallas and a window into the Mark Cuban - Dirk Nowtizki relationship:

"(Mark Cuban) is so into it and so on the refs. It's human nature, if a ref doesn't like you, you're not going to get calls.

One thing that was funny to me is one time during the game, Mark's riding the ref. He sits literally right on the baseline by the bench. He's riding the refs and Dirk turns over to him and he's like in a few choice words basically, 'Be quiet because they're just going to screw us more.'"

Good to see Humphries come out of his shell a little bit. Covering him when he first entered the league in Salt Lake City, you were lucky to get him to string four or five words together.