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Isiah Thomas talks Karl Malone… and PED’s?

Posted on June 3, 2010

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On the sheer scale of "newsworthiness," WQAM in Miami has been off the charts the last two days. First it was the tale of Carlos Boozer (which you read about here first.) Now it's Isiah Thomas in studio with Sid Rosenberg doing a little reminiscing about Karl Malone:


    "I think Karl Malone is probably a guy who got the most out of his talent and people talk about, they say Stockton and Malone and they used to think that Malone made Stockton. But come to find out that Stockton made Malone."


    "Stockton and a little testosterone."


    "I hear you on that, but anyway... (laughter in the studio)

    But anyway, if Malone would've been a better foul shooter they would've won championships and that's the thing that I think really stopped them from winning championships is his inability to go to the foul line and make foul shots."

Thomas nervously going along with a joke or agreeing with the notion? Isiah wasn't afraid to step in earlier in the interview to protest when the host called Shaquille O'Neal a "fat, lazy jerk." So we'll all have to decide for ourselves until somebody tracks down the Mailman.

The Malone topic was prompted by a caller's open ended question seeking Thomas's view of Malone as a player. The topic was then dropped as quickly as it was brought up. As much as Malone has prided himself on his work ethic over the years, I'm guessing he won't remain silent on the issue.

Hope you saved room for one more massive moment that occurs when the host asks if Thomas spends much time with Dennis Rodman:

"Actually my son goes out with Dennis a couple times. They deejayed together in a couple of spots."

"My son was down here deejaying in Miami a couple of weeks ago and then they were in Louisville at the (Kentucky) Derby together. And I guess Rony Seikaly is into deejaying now."

This would be Joshua Thomas, 21 year old college student at Indiana hanging with Rodman and Seikaly in a DJ booth.

The story continues...

"My son joined a Jewish fraternity. He's a ZBT. He's in Bloomington and he's like, 'Dad they give all the parties.' He brought Snoop Dogg down to Bloomington for the Little 500."

"I said, 'You do realize you're black, right?' He goes, 'Yeah, Dad, I'm cool though. You know this will be a good experience.'"

The "Little 500" is an annual bicycle race on the Indiana campus. But you're likely not reading this because your head already exploded.

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