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Warren Sapp still not Sold on Al Golden at Miami

Posted on February 4, 2011

"I just have a problem with what people are selling me about Al Golden..."

Al Golden arrived in Coral Gables vowing to unite the Hurricanes and bring former players back into the fold but one of Miami's most famous alums says he has yet to hear from the new head coach.

Warren Sapp tells 680 AM in Atlanta:

"Al Golden would have to extend an invite to me and I'm easily found. I keep hearing about this, 'He wants to bring everybody back. He's extending his hand.'

I've yet to see his hand and I'm one of the easiest Canes you'll ever find on God's green Earth so I don't understand.

I haven't changed my phone number in 15 years. I tell people, 'Don't call me no more,' if you're on my line and I don't want to speak to you. I got people on this line that I love and endear that need to speak to me so if you are unwanted on this line, get off of it. My phone number don't change, boss. I haven't heard Al Golden. I haven't heard a call.

I got a call from Kirby (Hocutt), the athletic director. I didn't call back. I was busy yesterday. I was a little busy today too with you guys to start my morning.

I don't have any problems with Al Golden. I just have a problem with what people are selling me about Al Golden. Don't sell me that you won at Temple and didn't win anything. Don't tell me you won at Temple and beat UConn. This isn't women's basketball. I'm from Miami, you understand? I went to 'the U.'"

Seeing as Golden was knee deep in recruiting from the moment he stepped foot on campus and that alums are very limited in what they can do during that process, Sapp can probably expect the phone to start ringing now that National Signing Day is in the books.

In fact, by his admission, it already has and he just hasn't bothered to pick up.

As always when Warren Sapp is involved... to be continued...

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